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Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coaching For Couples Helps You Put

The ‘Sexy’ Back In Your Relationship!

Thank you for reaching out for the help you need today! You may have been feeling the need to get professional assistance for a while. Reaching out for help when you need it is critical to your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health.

I provide two different types of professional and successful support systems to my clients. If you need a Counselor, Marriage Counselor, Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coach who will help you produce positive transformational changes in your life, please continue reading about how I can help you.

Marriage Counseling Support - You may greatly benefit from Depression TherapyAnxiety TherapyPTSD TherapyMarriage Counseling, Family Therapy, or Grief Counseling with an experienced Marriage Counselor or Spiritual Counselor in Durango, Colorado. I also provide counseling throughout the state of Colorado by phone or video conferencing.

Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coaching Support - You may also benefit greatly from Life Coaching or Relationship Coaching with an experienced Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coach at my office in Durango, Colorado. I also provide coaching by phone or video conferencing outside my local offices throughout the United States.

Marriage Counseling

You may suffer from some degree of unhealed trauma, which leads to anxiety, low self-esteem, poor performance, grief, depression, addictions, anger issues, PTSD, ADD or ADHD and consequently relationship problems, health problems & work problems.

You are likely looking for ‘healing’ as a place of beginning in your personal, relationship and spiritual growth with a Counselor or Psychotherapist.

Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coaching

You may not have these specific problems. Instead, you may find there is a discontentment moving through your life. You may be wanting more out of life or your relationship. You may desire changes in these areas, but are uncertain about what changes to create, or how to go about it.

You are likely looking for ‘personal, relationship or spiritual growth work’ with a Marriage & Couples Intimacy Coach.

Counseling or Coaching Will Benefit You Greatly If:

  • You find that over time you and your mate are experiencing more conflict, emotional and sexual distance, or withdrawal and you strongly desire to find the path back to loving connection again before it’s too late!
  • You fear losing your mate, but are unsure of how you got in the rut you find yourselves in or how to get out of it!
  • You find yourself feeling lonely, sad and anxious much of the time about your relationship with your mate!
  • You may initially be unaware of the connection between your unresolved pain from the past and your current marriage or relationship problems!
  • You may struggle with limiting beliefs or use negative self-talk and find these struggles affecting your relationship happiness!
  • You long to break free from your limiting beliefs and barriers in life, so you can move forward in bigger, better ways in your marriage or relationship!
  • You are intelligent, have attained a measure of success in your life, yet feel the weight of your problems holding you back in your intimate relationship.
  • You are sensitive, caring, courageous yet find it difficult to communicate effectively with your mate and resolve conflicts that weigh your relationship or marriage down!
  • You long for the good old days when you and your mate felt deeply connected and shared a sense of intimacy and joy in being together!
  • You are highly motivated to heal, change and achieve greater levels of success in your life, work and relationships!
  • You are willing to invest in yourself for your greater well-being and happiness and the happiness of your marriage or relationship!
  • You are committed to your healing, spirituality, personal development and creating transformation in your life, work or relationships!

Regardless of where you are today, the important thing is to BEGIN on your measurable path of growth that produces change quickly in your life!

If you’re ready for transformational change, you’ve come to the right place!

I help my clients obtain AMAZING RESULTS! It has been my purpose, calling and the work of my heart for the past 25 years! 

To find out how you can get similar AMAZING RESULTS in your life & relationships. . . .Read More

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